Compact Battery Regenerator

Recover, Recharge and Maintain Batteries at Peak condition

The Xtreme Charge 6-Station HD Battery Charger is a portable system which recovers, charges, maintains and desulfates one to six 12-Volt lead-acid batteries (VRLA, AGM, gel and flooded cell). Battery maintenance is completely safe and easy, with a single switch control and LED information display. This rugged charging system provides a reverse polarity protection, as well as spark free operation.

The six charging stations operate independently and allow any combination of battery brands to be recharged at the same time without overcharging. In the process of dead battery recovery and recharging the correct charge current is applied (up to 6 A). With the patented pulse technology the SC-6 charger is used as battery desulfator to remove sulfate deposits on battery plates, extending battery's life.

Charge, recover and maintain one to six 12-Volt batteries.

Works on all types of 12-Volt flooded, VRLA, gel and AGM lead-acid batteries.

Reverse polarity protected.

Spark free operation.

Rugged HPX plastic cabinet has wheels for maximum portability.

Single switch operation.

Works anywhere in the world with detachable IEC connector.

One-Year Limited Warranty.

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5 years warranty

Patented technology