Solar Battery Charger

Improve battery performance and extend battery life

The SP-10 Solar Battery Charger (10.0 Watt, 625mA) will supply pulsed current to charge, maintain and desulfate any 12V lead-acid batteries (VRLA, AGM, Gel and flooded cell) on outdoor vehicles and equipment, without danger of overcharging or overheating. The charger utilizes PulseTech's patented Pulse Technology, which increases the battery's ability to maintain charge, dramatically extending battery life. It is ideal for charging 12V lead-acid batteries connected in parallel. The solar panel is protected with a clear polyurethane plastic coating that makes it virtually indestructible. A solid LED light indicates full sunlight/ working at optimum level. The light will blink when the panel is exposed to partial sunlight.

Works on all 12V lead-acid batteries (VRLA, AGM, gel and flooded cel).

Maintains batteries connected in parallel in peak condition.

Eliminates jump starts and dead batteries.

Pulse technology removes & prevents sulfate crystal buildup.

Extends battery life up to 3 times.

Indestructible commertial design.

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5 years warranty

Patented technology